3D Panel Production Line

We are located in North China, serving various types of manufacturing and production lines for constructional 3d panels, eps board panel, welded bar reinforcement, welded mesh and etc.

3D Panel Production Line

The 3D panel is a unique and effective way to easily create a strong insulated concrete building or wall. 3D panel are widely used in every type of concrete structure because of the flexibility of design and ease of use. Thousands of structure and walls have been built around the world with 3D panel. Many of them use the panel for all elements of the structure including walls, floors, stairs and trim. 3D panel is used for affordable housing all the way to multi-million dollar housing, residential, commercial, institutional multi-story all can be created easily with this remarkable code-approved method. Click for more information!

Horizontal Type 3D Panel Machine

Features: It adopts PLC controlling system ,can insert,cut and control the position of the wire mesh and the foamed plastic boards automatically.In order to produce he 3D panel.This production line is of high automatic manufacturing level,productive efficiency, low lack welding rate,stronger and more even solder joint strength, smooth quality of 3D panels and low cost.

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Vertical Type 3D Panel Machine

I .  Vertical type 3D panel machine
Send the net sheet and polystyrene into the forming machine and start the forming machine. After insertion of diagonal inserted wires, the welding is started automatically. Each forward step is a work circulation. After welding, the products can be taken out from the rear of the forming machine. Before the first panel separates from the 1st step, the net sheet and polystyrene for the 2nd panel need to be sent into the forming machine so as to realize a continuous production. Click for more information!

3d EPS Board Production Line

3Dpanel production machine line adopts PLC touch screen to control system, using pneumatic or step motor to supply power. With the automatic orientation of the oblique cutting, flat mesh and cyst plate, as well as the welding of the oblique quickset and the flat mesh, it produces steel wire forming stable polystyrene plate.  
High automatic technology, low joint omitting rate, large joint strength, smooth quality products, high productive efficiency, uniformity and regular, low production cost.. Click for more information!

Fence Mesh Welding Machine

Fence mesh welding machine is used for production of light type welded wire mesh for railway and highway fences and various protection and isolation uses.

The Main Parameter:
Wire Diameter : 3-5MM

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Reinforcing Bar Mesh Welding Machine

Main technical parameters:
Model No.: RBW-2500
Wire diameter: 5mm-12mm
Line wire spacing : 100-300mm
Cross wire spacing: 100-300mm
Mesh width: 2500-3300mm
Welding speed: 25 strokes per min.
Rated power: 1820kva
Overall dimension: 24*6*2.65

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Welded Wire Mesh Machine

We can produce:
Model: DHW-72A
Model: DHW2-1
Model: DHW-800A
Model: JY5-1

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