3D Panel Production Line

The 3D panel is a unique and effective way to easily create a strong insulated concrete building or wall. 3D panel are widely used in every type of concrete structure because of the flexibility of design and ease of use. Thousands of structure and walls have been built around the world with 3D panel. Many of them use the panel for all elements of the structure including walls, floors, stairs and trim. 3D panel is used for affordable housing all the way to multi-million dollar housing, residential, commercial, institutional multi-story all can be created easily with this remarkable code-approved method.

The 3d panel production machine line mainly consists of 2 machines, one is Steel Net Welding Machine and the other is Wire Inserting & Welding Machine (3d panel machine).

This model of 3d panel machine line adopts PLC and touch screen system, strictly positioning of wire meshes, EPS panel and the truss wire crossing panel.

Features of the production line:
1) perfect flatness of wire mesh panel
2) strong welding strength
3) Low joint omitting rate
4) High accuracy on truss wire inserting, truss wire length and mesh size.
5) One machine is able to produce different kinds of 3d panel with different quantity of truss wire, so as to realize different propose of use.
6) Main components used in the machine are of famous brand both at home and abroad
7) PLC controlled. Operated through touch screen

Width of 3D panel


Total thickness of 3D panel


Thickness of EPS board


Width of wire mesh panel


Truss wire diameter


Wire diameter for mesh panel


Mesh size



300m2-500 m2  / 8 hours


380V  50Hz  3+N   350KVA  

Air source

0.8MPa   3m3 /min

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