About Us

Zhihuan (China) was established focusing on 3d panel machines as well as other production line for construction and building materials manufacture. With the popular application of tridipanel wall systems in construction, there is a big demand for 3d panel wall. Tridipanel (3D panel) building system is unique in providing a fast economical and easy construction method, which offers the builder a premier, finished concrete wall or building that withstands a lot more stress than the regular building methods. This system allows the designer to effectively use the same raw material in both load bearing and non-load bearing applications, straight, curved or angled walls as for single or multi-story buildings.

We mainly offer: 3D panel production line, vertical type 3d panel machines, horizontal 3d panel machines, eps board panel machines, reinforcement bar welding machine, light type welded wire mesh machine and accessories for these machinery.

We offer machines, installation service, workers training and parts change and accessories for our customers. Contact us now to set up a 3D panel production line. Import from China at good price and assured services.

Complete Range of Services:
3D Panel Production Line
Horizontal Type 3D Panel Machine
Vertical Type 3D Panel Machine
3d EPS Board Production Line
Fence Mesh Welding Machine

Reinforcing Bar Mesh Welding Machine
Welded Wire Mesh Machine

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