Horizontal Type 3D Panel Machine

Features:It adopts PLC controlling system ,can insert,cut and control the position of the wire mesh and the foamed plastic boards automatically.In order to produce he 3D panel.This production line is of high automatic manufacturing level,productive efficiency, low lack welding rate,stronger and more even solder joint strength, smooth quality of 3D panels and low cost.

  • Input supply:AV380V 50HZ 75KVA
  • Air Source :3m3/min ,0.6-0.8Mpa
  • Applicable range: a) Core panel thickness:50-100 or100-150mm (you can select and we’ll make according to your requiremens)
    b) Standard Widh and Length:1.22 x 3m,if non standard the length should ≤6m
    c) Mesh opening:50 x 50mm
    d) Wire Dia :2.0-3.0mm,3.0-4.0mm((you can select and we’ll make according to your requiremens)
  • Raw Material : a) anti-flaming EPS board or XPS board
    b) Low carbon cold drawing steel wire
  • Lack welding rate:≤5%
  • Welding Strength:≥330N
  • Truss wire configuration:double sided mesh, different densities of truss wires
  • Overall size:13500mm x 1800mm x 1700mm
  • Weight:4000kg
  • Productivity:Sparse inserting 100mm: 280-340m2/shift
                      Dense inserting 50mm:200-280m2/shift
  • Add: Development Zone, Dezhou, China      E-mail: sales@3dpanelmachine.net     URL: http://www.3dpanelmachine.net