Reinforcing Bar Mesh Welding Machine

The machine can be used to produce the reinforcing welded wire mesh in construction & building.

It adopts synchronous control skill and it is controlled by PLC. Both the welding time and separate-control welding are controlled by computer based on windows operation system, which makes the operation more intelligently. The longitudinal wires and transversal wires are pre-straightened by separate wire straightening machines. The longitudinal wires are fed firstly into the longitudinal wire transporting buggy by hand, then the wire transporting buggy transfer the longitudinal wires into welding automatically. The transversal wires are put into the hopper firstly, then the transversal wire feeding disk in the hopper can feed them into welding automatically driven by the step motor. Mesh pulling system is controlled by servo motor which improves the precision of mesh opening size, meanwhile the longitudinal wire spacing and transversal wire spacing are adjustable.

The major feature of this machine is that it simplifies the adjustment process when the wire diameter to be welded is different. Only need to switch the control button on the cylinder to change the pressure of welding point.

Main technical parameters:

Model No.: RBW-2500
Wire diameter: 5mm-12mm
Line wire spacing : 100-300mm
Cross wire spacing: 100-300mm
Mesh width: 2500-3300mm
Welding speed: 25 strokes per min.
Rated power: 1820kva

Overall dimension: 24*6*2.65
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