Vertical type 3D panel machine

I .  Vertical type 3D panel machine
Send the net sheet and polystyrene into the forming machine and start the forming machine. After insertion of diagonal inserted wires, the welding is started automatically. Each forward step is a work circulation. After welding, the products can be taken out from the rear of the forming machine. Before the first panel separates from the 1st step, the net sheet and polystyrene for the 2nd panel need to be sent into the forming machine so as to realize a continuous production.

II. Product specification and parameter:
1. See the drawing for sandwich panel structure.
2. Core material polystyrene(EPS) sheet thickness: 50mm, 70mm, 80mm, 100mm,120MM;
3. Space between polystyrene sheet and the net sheet: 10mm
4. Steel net sheet: net mesh 50*50mm, net width 1200mm, net length: any, steel wire Dia:Ф2.0-Ф2.8mm.
5. Diagonal inserted wire Dia.: Ф2.5 or Ф2.8(Only one can be selected)
6. Panel specification:
Length: 2000-6000mm; (Length more than 6000mm is also allowed but needs statement in advance)
Width: 1200mm
Thickness: Vary with core material thickness: 76mm, 96mm, 106mm, 126mm.

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